Coffees & Espresso

In a Mug or To-Go with free refill (12 oz) 2.25, (16 0z) 2.50 (Additional refills 1.00)

Double Espresso 2.50

Cold Brew Coffee (16 oz) 3.00

Frosty Star (frozen coffee)  4.25

Lattes & Cappuccino

12oz 3.65      16oz 3.95     Make it a mocha for 40 cents extra!

Specialty Lattes

12oz 3.50   16oz 3.90

Dirty Chai latte / espresso 12oz 4.75   16oz 5.15

The House Latte honey/cinnamon/vanilla/ espresso/ steamed milk

House Special-of-the-Month

Macha Tea Latte

Flavor Shots

(add to any tea, coffee or latte for 55 cents extra)

HM = House-made flavors

Vanilla (HM)    Almond (HM)     Irish Cream (HM)     Coconut (HM)

Caramel     Hazelnut     Creme de menthe     Peach

English Toffee     Raspberry



Chai Tea/ cinnamon / nutmeg   Regular3.50   Large   3.90

Tazo Tea (ask for flavors) 2.12

Hot chocolate   Regular   2.50   Large   2.75

Steamer hot milk & a flavor shot   Regular2.50   Large   2.75

Smoothies 4.25

Arden’s Garden Juice 3.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 1.50

Iced Tea (free refills) 2.00

IBC/Perrier/Pellegrino 2.25

Orange juice 2.00

Bottled Water 1.00



Bottled Beer 3.50 domestic   4.00 craft

House Wines 6.00/glass

Boutique wines priced by the bottle (we hope you’ll sit ‘n sip with us a spell; $5 service fee if opened in the shop.)

Boutique wines also available by the case