We're here for hungry people who like to "expresso" themselves! Serving breakfast and lunch daily with Brunch on Saturday and Sunday!



(served 7am – 2pm Mon-Sat, 830am - 2pm on Sun)

We can satisfy vegetarians (substitute a meat for seasonal fruit), or curb carnivorous cravings with bacon or chicken sausage – your choice!

Fast 45 Breakfast* 8 We're fast, we're good and yes, we do it “over easy”...or sunny side up, or scrambled, or fried....2 eggs to order / fluffy biscuit / bacon or chicken sausage / side of gorgeous grits or home fries

French Toast* 9 Mmmmmmmmmmm......(that means “mmmmmmmmm” in French) sweet challah / powdered sugar / super secret recipe for yummy batter / syrup

Norcross Omelet 10 3 egg omelet with up to 4 ingredientsserved with home fries or gouda grits/biscuit or toast!  Choose: bacon or sausage, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, onion, olives, peppers or one of four cheeses (pepperjack, swiss, cheddar or provolone) Additional ingredients .50 each Additional avocado or meat 2.00 each

Breakfast Burrito 9 One bite and you'll shout “HOLA, HOLA”.....after that you'll be too busy eating to say much. 3 scrambled eggs / salsa / avocado /black beans/cheese / tomato basil wrap (or in a bowl) / side of gorgeous grits or home fries

The "Bucky's Breakfast Bowl" 6 Our mayor's favorite, this bowl of Southern style energy gets great votes every time! grits or home fries / cheese / bacon / 1 egg to order

Breakfast Sandwich 6 A fluffy, golden, mouthwatering, incredible, energizing, mind-expanding, yummy-beyond-belief mega treat. 1 egg to order / cheese / bacon or chicken sausage / fluffy biscuit

Oatmeal 4 Make your tastebuds happy as well as your heart! includes dried fruit / brown sugar/walnuts

Fruit, Granola 5 Yogurt Bowl of vanilla yogurt, granola and fresh fruit


fluffy biscuit



English muffin

gorgeous grits

signature home fries

seasonal fruit


KIDS’ MENU We cater to big eyes with little tummies, too!

Kids Quick 45* 5   1 egg to order / bacon or chicken sausage (kid-size portion) / fruit cup

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 5 cheddar cheese / white or wheat bread / chips

PB&J Classic 5 grape jelly / creamy peanut butter / white bread / chips


ICE CREAM ("Good Humor" tastes the best! Check out the cooler for choices and pricing)

Banana bread, Brownies, BIG daily-made cookies, Biscotti, Layer cakes, Cheesecakes

ASK ABOUT OUR AMAZING WINES and Desserts!- you can share a bottle, enjoy a glass, or take home a whole case. Boutique wines from small family-owned vineyards around the world - cheers!  Our cakes are locally baked and our brownies and cookies are cooked in house!  Yummmm!


(served 11am – 2pm every day)

Burgers and Sandwiches served with choice of side

45 Burger*  10 Our signature burger! Hand-formed black angus patty with lettuce/ tomato/ pickle/ onion/ cheese (cheddar, swiss, pepperjack or provolone) and our house made 45 sauce.  Add feta, bleu cheese or avocado for $1 extra.

Chicken Salad Sandwich 8 Roasted chicken breast/ grapes/dried cranberries/celery, tossed in mayo with a hint of maple /choice of bread/tomato wrap  

Vegan Veggie Burger 9 All veggie, gluten free patty topped with Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato on a gluten free bun

Buffalo Chicken Hoagie 10 Grilled chicken sautéed in house made sauce, lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese aioli on a hoagie roll

GrilledChicken Sandwich 9 Grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, spinach, tomato on a brioche bun


Greek Salad 9 an offer even Zorba the Greek could not refuse! Kalamata olives, feta, cucumbers and tomatoes on Spring lettuce....your going to love this one! 

House Salad 8 Greens, cucs and tomatos....pretty simple but oh so good!

Chicken Salad Salad 9 roasted chicken breast/grapes/dried cranberries/celery tossed in mayo with a hint of maple on fresh spring mix

A Quick Quiche  5 Hugs are good, but our quiches are great! They're fresh, too – ask for our daily special.


Freshly prepared in-house:

Jalapeno Cold Slaw, House Salad, Seasoned Waffle Fries, Chips. Add Fruit Cup for 1.00 extra

A LA CARTE (2.00 each)


waffle sweet potato fries

house salad

salad de jour

fruit cup


We'll cheer you up with our good humor bars - yum!

We'll cheer you up with our good humor bars - yum!

our desserts are always fresh (either locally made or fresh out of our kitchen oven) and go awesome with a glass of merlot,  a cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk!

our desserts are always fresh (either locally made or fresh out of our kitchen oven) and go awesome with a glass of merlot,  a cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk!